Three of ETHIC’s co-founders met as baseball teammates & fraternity brothers at Emory University in town, and a fourth lived just up the road in Athens, Georgia, so to say Atlanta is a home away from home for the ETHIC team is an understatement, and a lot of the groundwork that would later enable the formation of the cooperative was born here on the first night of the now-infamous formative road trip. Atlanta is a great city to visit and has something going on nearly every weekend between it’s music, culture, and arts scene and its key role across all major sports, hosting everything from an Olympics in 1996, to more than a fair share of March Madness, Collegiate Championship, and Super Bowl games. It is also the home to Coca Cola, a world class aquarium, and one of the busiest international airports in the entire world, and sits at a major highway crossroads connecting the northeast, southeast, and southwestern United States.