At ETHIC we take pride in differentiating ourselves from traditional hotels and hostels by providing hybrid lodging options:

  1. Private Rooms ($90-$150 per night) – for if you (and your significant other or traveling partner) want the equivalent of a private hotel room
  2. Private Bed ($60-$100 per night) – for solos/couples who want a private bed space, but don’t mind sharing an en-suite restroom
  3. Shared Rooms ($35-$75 per night) – for if you (or your group) want to share a room with 3-6 people, each with its own bathroom
  4. Dorm Rooms ($25-$50 per night) – for if you (or your group) don’t mind sharing or stay for less, these share communal restrooms (can be gender-specific)4 Private Bed + Bathroom Container Rendering

*For reference:

  • 40 ft shipping container = 320 square feet
  • Average US hotel room = 325 square feet