Lodging establishments have played a critical role in the development of civilization, more-so than for just providing a place to sleep. Instead, the core element of this was the tavern, or public house, where guests + locals shared a common bar and restaurant space, generating the exchange of cultures, ideas, values and understanding. However, with competition came diffusion; as the large family brand + conglomerate hotel chains built their cookie-cutter hotels in a race for market share + short term profits, they lost their connection to local communities – and worse, to their customers!

Only recently, as trendy boutique hotels have succeeded in attracting some millennials with their high-end cocktail bars + co-branded special events. But there is still a huge gap between the successful high-end fare + the limited service, economy brands, in terms of food + beverage options. Simultaneously, there is the basis of a significant trend in consumer preferences for healthy, organic, sustainable food options. In fact, there is even the makings of a true food travel industry, as certain customers become more interested in  adding educational components to their travel plans.

ETHIC believes we can help tell that new story around quality-food-as-climate-change defender, following in the footsteps of Blue Hill Farms, Patagonia, The Perennial SF, and others, by utilizing our travel solutions to create + foster those kinds of view-quake experiences around food needed to shift our food system toward sustainability.

Meanwhile, container-based restaurants are already gaining mainstream usage, whether for pop-up events, sustainable construction, or mobile solutions, and the blank metal canvas enables myriad uses, sometimes from a single or two modified container(s), to create unique coffee shops, bars, and brewpubs:

By combining an accessible, regenerative + organic, farm-to-table food + beverage experience with up-cycled chipping containers with the ETHIC ethos, tasteETHIC aims to tell enlightening + engaging local + cultural stories around food in a tavern-like setting that harkens back to a time when travelers + locals shared common tables + exchanged powerful ideas + values.